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In Only 30 Minutes, You Can

Start A Machine Learning Project


Because You Just Want to Start Coding

You don’t need to buy every machine learning book on Amazon. You don’t need to spend your weekends binge-watching math lectures on Youtube.

Bypass the academic work and get back to what you do best: Writing software. Learn an easier way to test whether machine learning can work for your problem...and your team.

Hi there,

I'm Matt Kirk

I Don't Regret My Math Degree. But Here's What I'd Do Differently

I learned machine learning the hard way: An applied math degree, and a brief stint as a financial quant.

But my background served me well. As I moved into software development, I had no problem building sentiment engines, recommendation tools, and search algorithms for high-growth startups.

But the truth is, the theory only took me so far. It didn’t teach me about motivating my teammates to help...

or the best ways to educate a boss or client...

or if I had the right data to implement an algorithm.

Machine Learning, Designed Exclusively

for Software Professionals

Instead of reading academic papers after work, you could learn...

  • A simple experiment to test whether an algorithm can solve your problem.
  • Why you need 4 archetypes of people to create a successful machine learning project
  • How to position yourself as a data science expert on your team
  • The pros and cons of 13 technology stacks to house your data
  • A method to quickly categorize algorithms...and figure out which one to use on your project.

Sign Up For the Course and You’ll Get…

30 minutes of video content

Learn what I know from years of math classes in a series of 6 bite-sized videos.

4 downloadable cheat sheets

Zoom through the project planning phase. Know exactly which algorithm and stack to use...and which coworkers can assist.

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Lifetime access to the Thoughtful machine Learning Lesson portal

The videos are for you to reference over and over. Create a Teachable account to review lessons.

Stand Out From the Crowd.

Start Your Machine Learning Project Today

Wondering if the course will meet your needs? Try it out and see. If not, you are entitled to a 15-minute consultation with me, Matt Kirk, to walk through your problem.