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Are you running your business on a hunch?

You know your business is successful…you’re just not sure how. Because these are the questions that keep technology executives up at night:

Where do my customers come from?
How do I scale?
What’s driving my business?

Why getting the data
isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you ask any engineer on your team about using data, you may get a blank stare. Or a messy Excel spreadsheet. Either way, you don’t have the time to dig into the data…or take the time to understand how it ties together.

And with the pressure to continually push new features, your messy database becomes the elephant in the room that everyone starts to ignore. Even though deep down, you know it has the answers to how you can consistently make money.

And if your database had the answers to continuously repeating your success, wouldn’t you want to know them?

I’ve helped over 9392 people grasp the science of using data for business success.

After working with dozens of companies and speaking around the world, I’ve taken my experience and distilled it to 4 services specific to your data needs. Pick the one that is right for you.

The Science of Success

Sometimes having a second set of eyes on a problem, is what you need. This service is for you if you are just looking to ask some questions and get a new direction with your data.

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The Mighty Data Audit

Unlike most database consulting services out there, the Mighty Data audit gives you holistic advice related to what you can use your data for not just how cheaply you can store what you have.

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Custom Data Renovation

Having someone who knows how to fix databases, and pipelines are essential to being able to sleep well at night. Methodical and targeted renovations are the only way to ensuring that your data pipeline doesn’t burst. And also to make sure that you get the data you need when you need it.

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Your Chief Scientist

I get it, data science and research are usually not at the focus of many companies. Machine Learning isn’t something you do as a part of your service offering. And that’s great! Concentrate on doing what you know best.

But don’t ignore the science behind how you make money…

I’m here to support your team grow while not diverting your resources. So you can obsessively understand your customers better.

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